The FNM’s Conclave

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Well the press interviewed the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis to talk about this conclave which they are holding this weekend with cell phones banned.  That won’t stop the story of what happened from getting out of course. Good try though. The irony of the situation is that the party that should be having a convention (the PLP) is putting theirs off until next year.  The party that’s in power is meeting to plot its course post 2022 and for the next term. The Prime Minister says that he hopes that the matter of the four rebels will not take up too much time.  Frank Watson, the former Deputy Prime Minister is right: why would they waste time on that.  We look forward to the results of this concave because clearly, the FNM is in trouble and lost.  Now we just have to encourage our friends in the PLP that they can do this and move forward and not dither and procrastinate.  The country needs the PLP more than ever.


We have no way of verifying but the report is that the four FNM MPs who voted against the Brent Symonette deal and called it corrupt reportedly apologized to the party for speaking out and voting against the party.  They reportedly promised not to do it again.  You go figure.