The Foment In The FNM

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cialis sales thumb times;”>Even as the PLP relaxes its political game, buy cialis some believing that Hubert Minnis, drugstore the present leader of the FNM, will be easy to defeat, the FNM is not standing still.  They are seeking a number of different permutations to get to the prize in 2017. Sources close to Tommy Turnquest report that six MPs of the FNM in the House of Assembly were prepared to go to the Governor General to get a new leader but that was still born because they felt that they would not get the support of the party to do so.   They say that even though Mr. Turnquest nominated Loretta Butler Turner as the leader in the last leadership race in the FNM his own Branch Mt. Moriah did not support his nominee. Fast forward to last week, there was a gathering at a home of one of the former MPs last week, seeking a solution to how to face the next general election.  It is said that present and accounted for were both Hubert Ingraham and Hubert Minnis.  At the meeting, some suggested that Dr. Minnis step down as leader and allow Mr. Ingraham to take the wheel again.  That did not fly as Dr. Minnis is not interested in that.  What was advanced at the end of the day after a great deal of soul searching and discussion is that  in the next election Hubert Chipman will step down from St Anne’s in favour of Hubert Ingraham.   He will then get to be Leader of Government Business in the Senate if the FNM wins.  Hubert Minnis will stay on as Leader but will agree that Hubert Ingraham will be the Minister of Finance.  The party faithful are said to be mulling over that.