The Fox Hill Community Centre

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The Government of The Bahamas has reneged on its commitment to support the Fox Hill Community Centre.  They have not paid the staff and they have allowed the power to be disconnected imperilling the safety of the pool and the building’s integrity.  The Building is an estimated 2 million dollar structure completed earlier this year under the leadership of the then MP Fred Mitchell.  The Government’s agreement was that it would provide in exchange for a three year lease, the support for three years for the payment of staff, of the utility bills and for the upkeep and maintenance. They have done none of those things.  Finally on Thursday 16 November, the Bahamas Power and Light came and disconnected the power on the basis that 7500 dollars is owed.  The Government now takes the position that since they do not have an executed lease for the building, they will not honour their commitment.  In law, the Government’s lawyers should know that there is an agreement for a lease, this is just as good as a lease. Secondly, how with that big building and all the infrastructure is it possible to run away from a commitment from the government?  This is the same government that says that it wants to stop crime and to help young people.  Yet on the night that the power was off, no one from the Government came to help and   the young women from the Miss Fox Hill Pageant Committee were denied to ability to practice in the Hall because of the fact that there was no power.  It’s the people’s time alright.