The Frank Smith Case

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Well you are not surprised to know that the Government’s case against former Senator Frank Smith has been adjourned to a date in September.  The Government is dragging this matter out.  It appears from the evidence so far that the Crown’s lawyers should drop the prosecution.  Three things came out in the evidence this past week.  One is that the telephone logs were tampered with and so do not accurately reflect the number of calls and who called whom.  It was said on the day that Frank Smith was in custody and could not have had his cell phone, should have been in the possession of the police, some 30 calls were made to the virtual complainant Barbara Hanna. The crown’s witness agreed that the log did not properly reflect all calls. Secondly, the virtual complainant was interviewed by the Minister of National Security before the matter was handed over to the police. The interview took place at his political headquarters. Thirdly, the virtual complainant was given a contract worth 1.8 million dollars after having made the complaint against for Senator Smith and without the input of the Board of the Public Health Authority.  It was done directly by the Minister of Health Duane Sands, who himself is to be called as a witness because he is the one who reported the complaint to the Minister of National Security.  Something smells in Denmark and it ain’t cheese.