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Just before Christmas of last year, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis called in his top five ministers and indicated to them that there would be a general election as early as the post Easter period.  He told them that he was ready to go as soon as Lent was done.

The Ministers went out and spread that news far and wide.  They themselves took to the streets to campaign.  One day poor Renward Wells, in the middle of the pandemic and his new job as Minister of Health, he was seen hoofing it  on the East Street south.

But alas our Prime Minister was crying wolf. Nothing happened and when asked about it privately, he told our informant that he created that story so the PLP could go out and spend its money and then be exhausted when the real battle comes. Wicked and insidious.

Fast forward to today.  There are less than 10 months left before the House dissolves automatically, if this man does not dissolve it before. There are rumours going around again from these same ministers that the Prime Minister intends to call a general election in less than 8 weeks.  He has until  24 May 2021. So why call it now?

Bahamas Press, the political website, says that their inside FMM sources tell them that the date is fixed for 17 August 2021 and that the House will be dissolved within 7 days.

Our take. This is all bull do do again. But with St Lucia’s calling elections on 26 July 2021, what better time to do so. The minders of the Prime Minister have told him that this situation is going to be worse and not better.

His poll tells him the PLP is 3 points ahead of the FNM in the polls, within the margin of error and  the undecideds are considerable. He thinks he has better favourables as against Brave Davis.

Our take.  With all this mass confusion and poverty in this society brought on by the inexperienced Prime Minister, who is full of himself, there should be no question of the outcome of an election, no matter when he calls it. Excuse our French but his ass is gone.

So Prime Minister call the damn election. Stop pussyfooting. The PLP victory should be in sight.