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This is the group headed by Sir Franklyn Wilson who in the 1970s decided that Black men they could make a difference in the economy. Bradley Roberts was among them.  Slowly but surely they have all checked out but have left a legacy of powerful companies and they have  made a difference in the Black Bahamian community rivaling what the White Oligarchy had created. From left: Bradley Roberts, Sir Franklyn Wilson, Julian Maynard, George Bethel, Al Jarret,  Philip Pinder, Stanley Wilson and Bismarck Coakley. This photo was taken in 1973 following the opening of the Sunshine Twin Theatres.  The opening was done by the Late Sir Lynden Pindling who said he hoped that the group would remain together and pool their resources for a larger good. The company was therefore very proud that in his last public statement to the country Sir Lynden although he could not physically come to do so, he spoke to thank the company on the commissioning of the Lynden Pindling Estates.