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Senators Fred Mitchell, JoBeth Coleby Davis, Michael Darville after the Senate was convened and no government minister showed up and the Government failed to provide a quorum so the meeting had to be cancelled . 12 March 2021

The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party after the Ministers of the government did not show up to conduct government business on Friday 12 March 2021.  In answer to the statement, the Attorney General blamed the Chief Clerk for the problem. Quite apart from that being in true and demonstrably so,  a Minister must take responsibility for his actions and not blame public servants:

12 March 2021

A most extraordinary event took place in the Senate today.

The President of the Senate who summoned the Senators was a no show and no minister of the government showed up. The Attorney General who is responsible for setting the date and time, moving bills and conducting Government business did not show up. No other Government Minister showed up. The number of Senators required for a quorum did not show up.

The Senate therefore could not meet and was forced to adjourn indefinitely because the government could not form a quorum.

I find this particularly egregious because during our deliberations over scheduling, l told the leader of government business, the Attorney General, that since the meeting date had originally been set for Monday, to just leave that date in place. He insisted the date should be changed to today’s date. The man who set the date did not show up.

This level of disorganization and rank incompetence is ridiculous and a total disgrace.

The government needs to get its act together and get serious about governance and the people’s business.