The Haitian Illegals Are Captured And Charged

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viagra discount times;”>(Editor’s Note: It appears from events in Eleuthera last week that the rubber is beginning to meet the road on this Haitian illegal migrant problem.  You will read below that a number of arrests and charges have been brought against Haitians who breached the laws of The Bahamas.  In the end one of them was shot and is now in hospital where he is likely to face charges of seeking to assault an immigration officer.  What was interesting to us is that The Tribune published a different version of the facts, nurse led largely by an interview with a representative of a Haitian Bahamian NGO in Eleuthera.  It was that famous double message that the people who support the illegals wants us to buy the propaganda that these are poor oppressed people  and should be sent home because although they breached the laws but you don’t have to treat them so roughly.  The RFK centre went to press as well to talk about the need for an investigation.  Now don’t get us wrong, view the Minister has already said that the matter is being investigated.  We question  why lethal force was the only recourse when you are dealing with a fleeing immigrant.  The result will come out in the investigation.  However, let there be no doubt about this.  Immigration is not a soft, softly business.  This is a tough business and the immigration authorities must come down hard against these people who are part of a criminal conspiracy to undermine the rule of law in The Bahamas.  There is no other way to deal with it. It is a blunt instrument.  The people of Haitian descent in this country who are true to this country should make it clear to these folk that they must stop coming here and if they are here illegally go home. The release follows:)

(via the Bahamas Information Services)

11th June 2015

Further to the illegal immigrant landings near James Cistern, Eleuthera on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015, the general public is advised that charges were brought against certain individuals on Monday and Tuesday of this week in connection with those illegal landings.

Specifically, two Haitian boat captains, Antoine Armad and Frankie Pierre, were charged before the magistrate’s court with assisting in the illegal landings. Mr. Armad pleaded guilty on the 8th June and was fined $2,000 or two years imprisonment at the Department of Corrections facility in Fox Hill. He is presently detained at that facility. Mr. Pierre pleaded not guilty on the 9th June and was remanded at Fox Hill until his trial date which is scheduled for the 13th July 2015.  

Further, three Haitian nationals, Tide Estilus, Sinfilien Remy and Robenson Guerrier,

who are residents of The Bahamas and holders of work permits together with a Bahamian national, Franklyn Smith, were also charged before the courts for harbouring, aiding and abetting illegal persons who are fugitives from justice. All defendants pleaded not guilty but Estilus, Remy and Guerrier are remanded at Fox Hill until their trial date of 13th July, 2015. Smith was granted bail in the sum of $1,500 and will appear in court on the 16th September 2015.

In a related incident, Johnnie Emil, an undocumented Haitian national, appeared before Magistrate’s Court at Rock Sound, Eleuthera and charged with four (4) counts of assault with a deadly instrument and causing damage to the Immigration vehicle. He pleaded not guilty and was remanded to the Department of Corrections until 17th June, 2015.

Additionally, an illegal immigrant is in police custody and detained at the Princess Margaret hospital after he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and an immigration officer in the execution of their duties at Palmetto Point Eleuthera on the 9th June 2015. The alleged assault resulted in the discharge of the service revolver of the police officer causing injury to the shoulder and cheek of the suspect.