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One of our jokey leaders KB was singing about?

Sitting in the airport, the traitorous song Jokey Leaders was being played on the public address system. It was written and sung by KB, the artist the House of Assembly was told was being paid 150,000 a year to write anti PLP songs. Paid for by Fred Smith with Save The Bays and Louis Bacon’s money.  The song has new resonance now because the new leaders are in charge. So KB who are the jokey leaders now? Remember KB aka Kirk Bodie, Fred Smith, Romuald Ferreira, Paco Nunez and Joe Darville all claimed that their lives were in danger and went running off like little girls to the Inter American Human Rights Commission saying they needed special protection.  It was all a lie, fake news. Now Fred Smith is boasting about how he provided money to get the FNM in Government.  The others are roaming the country like they always were anyway and one of them is a Minister of the Government.  Lies, Lies and more lies. A good example of the adage: did on grave, you did dig two.