The Launch Of The New Party

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The Gatekeeper launched what they said would be a new peoples movement.  The movement of course had a lot of tired old warhorses in it. Names like the man from the lunatic fringe who called for the boycott of all independence celebrations Jeremiah Duncombe.  He was just rejected by his own church the Seventh Day Adventists.  Then there was the perennial try again Paul Moss, the convicted bullet hider John Bostwick and surprise surprise John Pinder, the Union President who says that he will be running for office in Fox Hill.  He made this announcement after speaking to the MP for Fox Hill in Macedonia Church in Fox Hill and saying that he would not run for the House.  Anyway, the harder they come, the harder they fall.  It appears to us that people go a little wonky as election time is coming.  There must be gold in the House of Assembly and everyone is lining up now to cash in on the gold in them there hills.   But people don’t understand that being in public life is one tough and expensive business that require hours of your time that you could never imagine.  But welcome one and all.  The harder they come, the harder they fall.