The legacy ball

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Dame Marguerite Pindling, cialis generic treat now Governor General designate, viagra sale hosted the Legacy Ball, the signature event of the Pindling Foundation. The Foundation raises money for education of Bahamians. Dame Marguerite was joined by the Prime Minister Perry Christie and Mrs. Christie on Saturday 6th July at the Melia Cable Beach Hotel.

legacy ball 1
From left to right: Fred Mitchell, drugstore Minister of Foreign Affairs with Elaine Pinder, Sharon Stuart, Albertha Bartlette and Ethelyn Lundy all formerly Williams. Photo by Peter Ramsay
legacy ball 2
Lowell Mortimer and Bernadette Christie doing the hullly gullly
legacy ball 3
Cyprianna McWeeney, thumb Pat Mortimer, Dame Marguerite and Sonia Cox Hamilton. Photo by Peter Ramsay
legacy ball 4
Valentine Grimes, Sean McWeeney, Cyprianna McWeeney, Dame Marguerite, Ann Marie Davis and Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis. Photo by Peter Ramsay
legacy ball 5
The Head Table: Sean McWeeney QC, Cypiranna McWeeney, Lowell Mortimer, Prime Minister Perry Christie and Mr.s Bernadette Christie, Ann Marie Davis, Dame Marguerite, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis, Sonia Cox Hamilton, Arthur D. Hanna, Gail Saunders and Rev

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. Archdeacon Ranfurly Brown. Photo by Peter Ramsay

legacy ball 6
Cyprianna McWeeney with Lowell Mortimer. Photo by Peter Ramsay.

The photos are by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services.