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The Save The Bays, Fred Smith et al nasty anti Bahamian crowd are at it again. They are using the same playbook from the last general election.  The arrest of Peter Nygard in Canada at the behest of the Americans has Fred Smith and is principals the nasty other man from Lyford Cay at it again.  Mr. Nygaard who is a well-known public figure is in jail and the Canadians will not give him bail.  He stands accused of assault young women in The Bahamas. So on Thursday 28 January 2020, the Canadians broadcast a programme in which they  made all kinds of nefarious accusations against Mr. Nygaard. The  TV programme was a tissue of lies from start to finish. Mr. Nygaard may well have been involved in some things that people find unacceptable but  the TV programme smells of a paid put up job and these  Save The Bays people should be ashamed of themselves. They are traitors to the truth and to this country.