The Nassau Guardian’s Lost Editorial Writer

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buy cialis cheap times;”>Fred Mitchell MP appearing on Jeff Lloyd’s Radio Talk programme said that the Nassau Guardian’s editorial on the question of his intervention about the US Charge’s comments on the jet ski problems showed that the person did not know what they were talking about.  Mr. Mitchell said that the writer had to go back to English comprehension classes because they completely misinterpreted what Mr. Mitchell had said. The Guardian accused Mr. Mitchell of making the matter worse by chastising the Americans about their intervention.  Only Mr. Mitchell did no such chastising. What he did was explain what American foreign policy is like and sought to ask the Bahamian people not to get their noses out of joint over the intervention, cialis sale for sale that is, mind the act of intervening as opposed to the content of the statement as the Guardian alleged.  The Nassau Guardian’s writer in other words is a dumb ass.