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So the Government of the FNM has now extended their power grab, a lawful coup to the 13 August 2021. They say they need it to save lives except the evidence is that everything that they have tried over the past year has been a failure. So here are some practical issues: the business people in Exuma who are being harassed by the police.  The curfew has been dropped in Exuma but businesses still have to close by 9 p. m.  Hotels are not subject to the 9 p.m. rule but the police are harassing hotel owners about closing at 9 p.m.  Then how about the man who has a drink stand at Arawak Cay.  The Prime Minister closed down all bars and restaurants in New Providence  except for takeout at the start of the holiday weekend without notice.  No care for the inventory that will be lost as a result of this.  No care for the fact that people have no money.  It is just lousy these new rules and the inconvenience and   tension  they are causing with no discernable benefit .  The FNM should lose every seat in the next general election.