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Today, we publish an angry statement by the Deputy Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party Chester Cooper on domestic travel within The Bahamas. This FNM government has made it near impossible for an ordinary man or woman to fly within their own country by the various addons that you have to put up with.

The newest thing now is that you have to get a  domestic travel visa to travel within The Bahamas. So you no longer have the right to travel freely within a unitary state called The Bahamas but you have to get permission of the people at the Ministry of Tourism to move from one  island to the other.

So this is said to be for our health.  But nothing shows that our health is improving.  The death count keeps rising even though these folk don’t record them and people are still getting sick.

Meanwhile the FNM has opened the border and tourists get a better shot at travel within and into The Bahamas than the natives.

The Prime Minister of course is not subject to any of this and he is travelling up and down with abandon with his staff and cameras in tow.  Last week he was in Abaco giving away crown land then into Hope Town to celebrate Christmas.

So each way from an island to Nassau, you have to have a PCR test.  That costs anywhere from 150 to 300 dollars.  Now you have to get the visa that is 25 dollars each way. Then you have to buy the plane ticket and of course you have to find some place to stay and you need transportation. The government has virtually doubled the cost of traveling within this country overnight.

Chester Cooper called it absurd. We agree and the PLP must demand that it stops.