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During the past week there were two things that were being passed around by PLPs that were really vexing.  We have argued time and again that it is the PLP that is its own worst enemy.  These two examples shows the extent of the problem.  Some miscreant had put together a facsimile of USA Today, the American daily newspaper, and on the front page it showed the former Prime Minister Perry Christie had been arrested on corruption charges.  It is patently false.  If the Data Commissioner or the Commissioner of Police were worth their salt, the persons who authored it would be in handcuffs now. But this is the people’s time so you know ow that goes.  The second was the front page of The Punch, the downmarket newspaper in The Bahamas, with a fake story which essentially accuses PLPs of planning an assassination for hire against the Minister of National Security and the Prime Minister inter alia.  Of course that too is patent nonsense and the author of that needs to be in handcuffs but again it’s the people’s time so nothing.  However, the damage is not done by the deed itself so much as by the fact that every PLP on What’s App and Facebook seemed to be passing this crap around. Each person asking: is it true?  Good God almighty.  So the FNM gets to work of destabilizing the PLP by getting PLPs to hand this nonsense around. When will we ever learn?