The PLP Is Not Imploding

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The Chairman of the Free National Movement Sidney Collie issued a statement last week in which he charged that the PLP is imploding.  That is utter foolishness.  One wonders which dream world is he living in?  There is no evidence that the PLP is imploding at all. You can take on or two strands of what the newspapers are saying to demonstrate the case but when you examine the facts of it all, generic cialis there is no case.  They are using for example the bad decision of the Attorney General to enter a nolle prosequi in the matter of Sandals and he criticism which came from cabinet members.  That does not go to the essence of anything.  It is certainly not like the FNM calling one another the nasty names in public and cutting each other down like grass like they did this past summer.  The Ministers expressed their opinions and moved on.  The party supports its Leader and the  PLP continues to govern.  Sorry Mr. Collie you are very much in cloud cuckoo land.