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cialis sale rx times;”>George Smith, buy viagra buy viagra as in the Honourable Gorge A Smith, the former Minister, was in the press last week pooh poohing the idea of an early election.  He said that you have to win on the merits not by trickery.  There are some PLPs who were saying to themselves silently “that’s fine for you to say but if trickery is gonna do it, then we had better get it done.”  Seriously though, the country has reached the point, notwithstanding the troubles of the FNM and all, that it is time to go back to the electorate.  We understand now why New Zealand has a three year term. Five years is simply too long.  The PLP is in the position where the public service has stopped listening to the PLP; they do what they want or don’t do what they want.  There appears to be no consequences.  It seems to us also that as we get closer to the absolute deadline, the country is getting more frantic than ever.  PLP supporters think that the end is near and they had better get straight before these mean people from the FNM get in and start cancelling contracts right left and centre and wreaking havoc and revenge.  The FNM supporters well they are sitting on their hands with glee. The PIPs, that is though who are for the people in power, are busy trying to see what they can get just before the door closes.  It’s a state of confusion.  Nothing like a good old election to straighten it out.   By summer time when the kids are home, let’s be ready to call the thing.