The PLP’s Official Position On Marijuana

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Caricom’s Marijuana Commission meeting in Nassau 5 January Holy Trinity Hall

The following statement is issued from the Office of the Chairman of the PLP in answer to a question posed by The Tribune but is made generally available:


Does the PLP have a position on legalization of marijuana Mr Mitchell? Or is it like the current Administration going to at least at first to be guided by what CARICOM concludes?

Answer for immediate release from the Chairman of the PLP 3 January 2017

The Caricom process on marijuana which is now unfolding is one which was initiated at Caricom with the support of the Government of The Bahamas when the PLP was in power. We nominated Bishop Simeon Hall as our representative on the Commission. We believe that having regard to the changing attitudes toward marijuana use around The Bahamas, the region and in the United States and Canada, there needs to be a study of the issue to provide guidance from our various peoples on which direction the law should take. We encourage all people to go to the meetings and air their views on this important subject. Someone from our party will attend. We are particularly interested in saving so many of our young men from the continued stigmatization of their lives and work because of marijuana use, and we are interested in any possible medicinal uses. The PLP believes in informed choices, thus our support for the Caricom wide study.