The Punch, The Tribune Attack Frankie Campbell

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You will remember a few weeks ago Frankie Campbell MP, the Minister of Transport, stood up to the approbation and clapping of the Prime Minister and his colleagues in the House of Assembly to say he was Bahamian and had two Bahamian passports.  He admitted he was born to a Haitian woman before 1973 so he was Bahamian by birth.  She came here as an illegal and had him for a now-deceased man with the last name Campbell.  Rodney Moncur on his TV Talk Show couldn’t let it go.  He got a hold of an affidavit of birth which shows that Mr. Campbell never registered his birth until 1983 and he did so by Affidavit.  Mr. Moncur and others have been arguing that the affidavit is defective and that it raises more questions than answers.  The mainstream press have taken up the challenge and the Punch and The Tribune both carried headlines saying that he has further questions to answer on the issue.  They are both FNM media sooo.  Are the long knives out in his own party? Have look at the affidavit: