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From The Office Of The Chairman Of the PLP
Opposition Spokesman On Immigration

In Response to Tribune Questions On Shanty Towns

For Immediate Release

(Note To Editors this comment although in response to a Tribune query is made available to all press)

23 March 2018

Dion Foulkes will soon test the limits of political reality when he attempts to raze the shanty towns in The Bahamas. The whole pronouncement with great fanfare going into Abaco with a large delegation of adoring, earnest looking public servants made me laugh out loud. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

There is nothing new under the sun. The PLP has been there and done that.

He will have to fight his own party when the action hits the fan and the push back comes from migrant communities and their allies in the country, the phony human rights activists. The fact that at least one of those activists believes that he bought the election for the FNM will make it doubly difficult.

We shall see whether the political will is really there to do this given what the FNM promised the shanty town community in order to get their support in the last election. The chickens will come home to roost.

What is required is not ministerial histrionics but a solid multi disciplinary programme including a conversation with the Bahamian public about what this will really cost and why for public health and national security it should be done.