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Candia Dames, Managing Editor of The Nassau Guardian, from her Facebook page swimming with the pigs.

Perhaps it was that swim which inspired the wicked witch of the journalistic east to launch into another anti PLP tirade on line about the PLP.  The headlines in her weekly spleen rant in the Nassau Guardian on Wednesday 4 July was that there was a lingering stench around PLP mismanagement.  We need go no further to say what she said.  You know the drill.  The problem is you know that our response will be as well. What she says does not jibe with the facts on the ground. The fact is that the programmes now being enjoyed as favourable under this wicked FNM government are the very ones falsely vilified by a press including her that simply was anti PLP. Here is what we say.


It is obvious from the National Review in The Guardian of 4 July that the writer had run out of useful subjects to write about. So as usual when the writer runs out of real things to talk about they turn like their FNM friends to blaming the PLP.


For the record, the only stench that we can imagine in this day and dispensation is either from below the nose or top lip of the writer or from that building which houses the Cabinet which is falling down in plain sight of the FNM government.


Perhaps The Guardian ought to confess to the stench of being opposed to National Health Insurance when the common owner of The Guardian is the same as Colina Insurance. Colina stands to lose scores of millions of dollars if NHI comes into being.


That’s just for starters. We all know about the crooked Oban deal which their FNM friends are desperately trying to explain away.


We know that the Guardian’s FNM friends lied about Bahamar to get into power. We know they lied about VAT and have now zapped the poor with a whopping 60 per cent increase in tax in the supermarket. The National Review article has no credibility.


We think that stench is right but stench is coming today at this time not from the PLP but certainly from the FNM government.


We have a new saying for her: when you swim with pigs will smell a stench.