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Long Island after the storm 

Our country men and women in the south are in real trouble.  The hurricane came upon us out of the deep blue sea.   It washed through with harsh winds and the place is still drowning.  We will need plenty of help.  This is the reason why it is so  important for a country to be organized and ready. 

This is the best time to ask ourselves, were we ready , were we prepared?

How is it that in this day and age, our islands could be out of communication from the main population  centre in a  storm that is within the normal ambit of storms of this nature.

No telephone service.  Are you kidding us?

The most plaintive call came from an audio note in the middle of the storm from Acklins.  She said the water was rising and she could not get a hold of anyone.  Pray for us, she said.

How is it that we have to depend on the rescue operations of foreign powers to do something which we are perfectly able to do ourselves, except for the rarest emergencies?

Now is not the time to go further but the problem is we  always forget it as soon as the emergency is over.

Our building codes should have been so enforced that there is no way, roofs ought to be blowing off.  No way.

Our evacuation procedures such that no one should have been suffering from the fear of drowning in their own homes.

Now the clean-up.  Now the work begins.

Let us all pull together to get this place back together again.

The scenes of devastation are incredible.  The water in Long  Island is unbelievable.  San Salvador has no airport.  Rum Cay flattened.  Utter devastation.  How is that?

We leave it there.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 3rd October 2015 up to midnight: 270,519;
Number of hits for the month of October to 3rd October 2015 up to midnight: 43,016;
Number of hits for the month of September up to Wednesday 30th September 2015 up to midnight: 1,075,662;
Number of hits for the year of 2015 up to Saturday 3rd October 2015 up to midnight: 17,198,839.