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hatemarchviagra canada click times;”>Fred Smith, search QC, is such a big fake.  He is good at rage and sound and fury meaning absolutely nothing.  That is how we respond to his denouncing of the fact that some fellows hijacked the Junkanoo Parade on New Year’s Day and made a spectacle out of him.  They called him a Haitian and suggested that he was a traitor to the Bahamian cause.

Mr. Smith who is joined in his so called Grand Bahama Human Rights Association by Joe Darville was righteously indignant.  He said that he was sick of being called a Haitian and that the government should pass anti-hate speech laws.

The thing is we agree that there ought to be anti-hate laws.  We also agree that the demonstration should not have been permitted in the Junkanoo parade, given that they used the Klu Klux Klan symbolism to make their point.  We don’t want anything in The Bahamas associated with that.  The problem for us is the double standard of Fred Smith.


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. Smith, who is a Queen’s Counsel, which means that he is senior lawyer of supposedly outstanding knowledge of the law, made three allegations against Fred Mitchell and the officers of the Department of Immigration.  He said that they were engaged in “institutional terrorism”, “ethnic cleansing”, and “running Auschwitz in The Bahamas”.  No one in the press took him up on this matter.  This is a grave slander on the country’s reputation.  It is false and demonstrably false. Yet he said it and not one word of apology or retraction.

Why then should anyone feel sorry for him being called a Haitian?  First of all, there is nothing wrong with being called a Haitian. Secondly, the government was not in any way shape or form involved in the demonstration.  Mr. Smith has made so many enemies in this country, it is hard to know who would want to injure his reputation, the list is so long.

Bottom line then, is tell Fred Smith go sit down. He does not have any compelling point to make.  Hate speech is to be condemned but for us only after he has retracted the hate speech which he himself has been spinning.

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