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This is a facsimile of the page of the successor to Clint Watson on TV Eyewitness News.  Where Mr. Watson was pro PLP, he at least tried to put some balance  by allowing FNM opinions on the air.  This lady has no such pretense. But she thinks she is smarter than she is. So last week, she went on a tangent, a rant accusing Fred  Mitchell of saying that she made up stories  This is because she said that the FNM had made a false narrative about the  Dubai Expo event. There is no controversy just Shenique Miller et al selling stories for a living. Selling stories for a living is what she does. Making up stories is not what she was accused of.  But in the mind of the brilliant Ms. Miller, she equated the two.  She then allowed  Ellsworth Johnson, the failed candidate for the FNM in Yamacraw to attack Mr. Mitchell on her show calling Mr. Mitchell a sissy. Well them’s fighting words. Here is the statement issued by the Fox Hill  office:

20 January 2022

Shenique Miller last evening on her show with her guest Ellsworth Johnson proved the adage when you are dumb you are dangerous. It is also true that where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise. Both of those individuals showed themselves to be jackasses and ignoramuses of the first order on that show.

Mr Mitchell is on assignment abroad but we are certain that this has no impact on his work.

In the first place, Ms Miller ought to tell the truth. The whole show was built upon a lie. Ms Miller claimed that Mr Mitchell accused her of making up stories. That was a lie. Mr Mitchell said she sells stories for a living. That is the truth.

But the show later showed that she is not a fit and proper person, that she does make up stories and is as dumb as conch. She and Ellsworth Johnson who as a student had to be rescued from jail by the Minister in Barbados as a student.

As for who is sissy and who isn’t, we wonder how Ellsworth Johnson knows that. They say it takes one to know one.

Now we see why this country is in trouble because we have a set of dumb clucks trying to lead us not with logic but with nastiness and innuendo and they have nothing in their heads.

We feel sorry for them both.