The Tribune And The Guardian See The Handwriting On The Wall

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(Editor’s note:  The Freeport News’ Editor Fred Sturrup has been on the warpath for some time , having switched his tune from decidedly anti PLP to telling the FNM, it was bad public policy to buy the hotel in Freeport. We wondered what was going on.  Now this week, The Tribune, headed by the journalistic wicked witch of the East Eileen Carron and the journalistic wicked witch of the West Candia Dames have found religion.  In editorials on Friday 5th October, both newspapers warned the FNM that the handwriting is on the wall and if they don’t pull up their breeches, the PLP is poised to come back. We present samples of both editorials)



The Tribune

Editorial 5th October 2018


“The word on the street is that the sense of disappointment with a Government that promised so much after its crushing victory in last year’s election is growing by the day.


“One important issue is that after the 60 percent hike in VAT people want to know exactly how it is fulfilling its undertaking to cut public expenditure; and, as just one example, many are indignant about the large delegations that accompanied Dr Minnis at last year’s Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London and, recently, on his trip to New York for the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly. It is hard to see the need for so many people and how such expenditure can be justified. His explanation in the House of Assembly this week was unconvincing.


“The sad fact is, after the initial euphoria, disillusion is now rife. Whether the opposition PLP will be able to reinvent itself, beginning with its upcoming party convention, remains to be seen.


“But we believe unless this FNM Government starts to show it is really working in the best interests of the Bahamian people it will become increasingly unpopular and may be in for a rude shock at the next election. That is still far off but it needs to start improving its performance now.”