The US Embassy Tells A Lie On The PLP

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Last week, the press reported that in their annual International Narcotics Report, the United States Embassy made the allegation that cooperation in law enforcement waned during the PLP.  That is a contemptible lie and one of a number of lies that the U S Embassy personnel tell in these reports which they are mandated to give to their Congress. The reports are useless but they end up casting aspersions on their international partners, largely because they are written by inexperienced staff who live in a cocoon in The Bahamas and are so susceptible to the influence of FNM dominated social circles.  The PLP issued the following statement in response to the report:

From the Office Of The Chairman Of The PLP

Statement Responding To US Allegations of Lack of Cooperation With PLP Government

For Immediate Release

29 March 2018

The following was reported in the press on 28 March as an excerpt from a report by the United States Government authored in Nassau at its embassy about relations between The Bahamas Government on security cooperation when the PLP was in office: “The new government has increased cooperation and information sharing between Bahamian and US law enforcement agencies, which had waned under the previous government.”

The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis is seeking urgently to discover what on earth could be the source of this misinformation.