The Use Of The Police In West End And Elsewhere

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The West End Community in Grand Bahama was up in arms after the mass arrest of a whole family for possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply.  It appears that at one point they were going to arrest a 96 year old woman because she was also an owner of the property in which she has a share as a generation owner.  There was almost a riot.  It is typical approach of the police.  They bring charges against everyone to put pressure on the culprit they want to confess.  It worked this time like a charm.  After the mass arrests, Everett Wilson turned up to the police station on 7 July to confess to the drugs valued at nearly five million dollars on the street.  He is a fisherman. Sound fishy to us but he says he is the man.  We don’t believe him but we suppose his relatives will be set free.  The community of West End is still upset about the injustice.  They were further alarmed when their new representative Pakeisha Parker Edgecombe MP reportedly told them that she was not coming to help because she was on vacation.