The Use Of “You Guys” Is Irritating

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viagra find times;”>Everywhere you go in The Bahamas, sale the younger ones especially no matter on formal occasions or informal are greeting you with this stupid expression” you guys”.   The waiter at the table.  The man greeting you at the hotel.  The airline counter attendant. You guys.  You want to haul off and smack them.  This is most irritating.  Perhaps it’s an old Bahamian man’s lament but it is simply rude and disgusting.  It is overly familiar.  You know the expression if you don’t know a man then call him mister or the woman Ms. or Mrs.  But this: “Good evening how can I help you guys?” Ugh!   The only thing worse is the American Customs and Immigration people  at the border calling people who are their superiors in age and rank by their first names as if they are company.