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cialis usa ampoule times;”>elcott_fmThe writer Elcott Coleby on the right is shown with Fred Mitchell, cialis sales Minister of Foreign Affairs on Saturday 20th December at St Agnes Church for the funeral of Rohan Rolle. The photo is by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services.

Sr. Immigration Officer suspended amid rape allegations.

What started out as a routine police matter where a raid executed by the police on a local night spot for the illegal entertainment of “stripping” on 13th December ended up with allegations of sexual assault against a Senior Immigration Officer as reported in the Jamaican Gleaner one week later. And yes, “stripping” is still illegal in The Bahamas.


The complainant was a Jamaican national who claimed to be a legal resident of The Bahamas with a spousal permit and the right to work. She worked at the night spot and was taken into custody during the police dragnet operation – a standard police procedure where both patrons and employees are taken in during these types of anti-crime operations.


Unable to immediately provide documented proof of her immigration status, the police turned her matter over the department of immigration for further processing. She was able to eventually satisfy immigration officials of her legal status and was officially released.


Several days later the complainant presented herself at the Crisis Center and reported what amounted to abduction and rape by a Senior Immigration Officer. According to the Ministry, the officer in question was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation and stressed that the Bahamas government does not sanction or condone this kind of behavior.


“We wish to notify the public that a Senior Immigration Officer has been placed on administrative leave with immediate effect pending investigation of a sexual assault alleged by a detainee who is a Jamaican citizen. The matter is also before the police

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. The appropriate steps for disciplinary action have been taken. All necessary steps including prosecution, suspension and dismissal from the public service will be applied where warranted.

“Once again, the Ministry wishes to indicate that it does not condone or sanction in any way, shape or form abuse of any kind by any officer of the department. It will not be tolerated and the strongest measures will be taken where there are violations of the rights of people” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press statement released on Saturday 20 December. 

This position of intolerance was reiterated at a press conference on Sunday, 21st December where the Immigration Minister said he had briefed the Honorary Consular General from Jamaica to The Bahamas and the Jamaican Foreign Minister on the administrative measures being taken by the government. The Senior Immigration Officer was picked by Police, questioned and released (on Wednesday, 17th December) because at that time there was insufficient evidence to charge him; that investigation continues. Meanwhile the enforcement work of the immigration department continues.


Mitchell foreshadows stricter immigration rules

Appearing as a guest of Carlton Smith on Guardian Radio on Monday, Immigration Minister Hon. Fred Mitchell revealed that the new immigration measures are just the beginning and a “work in progress” with more stringent measures to come, including health insurance and housing provisions for work permit holders.


The Minister believes that if migrant workers are insured, this will lessen the financial and resource burden on public health facilities and the public treasury to provide health care services to thousands of migrant workers.


Additionally, if proper housing for these foreign workers is provided as part of the application process, this will go a long way in arresting if not eliminating the proliferation of unsanitary and illegal shanty towns that now dot the Bahamian landscape on many islands.