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Trudeau has let us down.

So when the history of the covid 19 pandemic is finally written and the Bahamian part of the story is recorded, Hubert Minnis and his government will not fare well, We hope to be part of that group that writes the final chapter.  We intend to tell the story of a fool who was given a chance to govern a country with a large majority and made an absolute mess of it. The miss mash of rules and counter rules, the lockdowns and openings, the arbitrary decisions about business, all go down as stupid decisions made by an inept political directorate. They blamed the doctors and said they were following the science but in fact they were just going by whim and fancy.  That also seems to have been the trend around the world. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who came in as the modern man of the west is now seen as an autocrat in the makings of a Stalin.  He has imposed rules on his country that force Canadians to stay at home, that prohibit people from coming into the country and traps them by mandate if they come from the outside and become covid positive into government run facilities that are badly managed and with poor accommodation.  You are in fact in prison. The British that are supposed to the founders of the modern western democratic states have passed a law that says that you cannot leave Britain without the permission of the government. Again shades  of Chairman Mao and the Stalinist state of Soviet Russia. In France, they are going into lockdown number three for a whole month.  And yet the populations of these countries including The Bahamas, seem to be acquiescing in this pitch against freedoms in the name of health. What is clear is that the health policies have not worked. People died in mass numbers in all of those countries,  Ours were smaller of course but in the country people got sick and died. The population is pissed off but does nothing. That is the state of western democracies in this pandemic, which by effluxion of time will go away anyway.