Time To Slow Down On Taking On All These Projects

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sildenafil doctor times;”>A word of caution to the PLP.  Once again the narrative is spinning out of control.  Things are becoming too centralized some suggest.  Even though we want to fix the hurricane damage, viagra sale there has to be a measure of reasonableness in this.  We simply can’t afford to do everything all at once.  This is really a matter which at this stage is best left to the officials, not the political directorate.  If the directorate gets too involved they do so at their peril.  The symbolism of the involvement has made its point, now it’s time to move on. Just a word of caution.  The rest of The Bahamas has to be governed and we must keep that cranking so that we can pay for the hurricane damage.  What is regrettable is that we are allowing the narrative of the Long Islanders who hate us anyway to get going that no relief is being provided by the government.  This is simply not true but the message has to get going.  Poor Hubert Minnis, Leader of The Opposition is struggling to be relevant to the occasion.  With the Nassau Guardian and the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s amanuensis Front Porch in the Guardian slamming him for being useless and praising Loretta Butler Turner for being a leader in the making.  Well you get the point.  Loretta Butler Turner can do nothing unless the government assists as it has assisted.  That point needs to be made and made again.  Lord help us if she emerges as the Leader of the Opposition.