Torchbearers President Hired At Foreign Affairs

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The lady in the photo is now working at the Consulate in Atlanta.  She is not a part of the public service and so comes to the Foreign Service on a contract.  Here goes the hypocritical FNM and the Minister of Foreign Affairs again, the retired preacher.  He announced that he was bringing home all the contract officers because they were taking up spots that could be held by Foreign Service officers who were professionally trained.  He said that this would save the country money.  The truth is not in him. The truth is no money at all was saved.  Instead he cost the country more money by abruptly bringing the contracts to an end.  Then he hired three FNM supporters, the latest of which is the lady in the picture.  His office personally intervened to hurry her training along so that she could get into the office in Atlanta.  What is the quid pro quo?