Travis Robinson Dresses Just For Kelly Burrows

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Kelly Burrows who contributes from time to time to this column is usually quite exercised over the choices of clothing by these new men of power in the Free National Movement. They seem to have a penchant for wearing light coloured suits which are not according to Mr. Burrows and everything that we see, the gear for people of power.  He has written for example about the embarrassment that Darren Henfield, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, causes us all when he appears at power gatherings  in his  light gray plaid suit.  He should probably then send a note to this youngster Travis Robinson who at 22 is said to be the youngest MP in the House.  He is the Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Tourism. He is a man of power and was dispatched to St Lucia to represent us at conference on youth and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Here he is pictured in sartorial splendour in a tan suit, brown shoes and all.  Men of power according to Mr. Burrows dress in dark suits and black shoes. The friends of the Minister of Foreign Affairs reportedly told Mr. Burrows when the message got through to him that Mr. Burrows objected to his suits, that Mr. Burrows ought to get with the programme and the modern age.  Mr. Burrows resists and so do we.  Power colours are dark colours.  This young man, Mr. Robinson, should remember that.  We agree. He also needs a tailor for God’s sake.