Trib Brings Fred Mitchell’s Mother, Father and Sister Into The Mix

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cialis sale thumb times;”>We don’t whether you will be amused or incensed by this.  But Eileen Carron, remedy the Publisher of The Tribune decided that she needed to set the record straight on the antecedents of Fred Mitchell MP.  That is a special form of lowness but it only goes to show.  One of her readers, she says, published something as a commentary and she wanted to correct it.  When you read it, you will see our point.  Mr. Mitchell’s father, mother or sister has not one damn thing to do with him as an individual.  Further, there is nothing wrong with Mr. Mitchell as an individual save that he disagrees with Eileen Carron.  Wicked wretch!  For the record Mr. Mitchell’s mother Lilla died in 1999 and his father Fred Sr. died in 2001. We repeat what she carried in her editorial of 6th August:



On our web site – tribune242— a reader commenting on yesterday’s editorial had this to say: “It would be nice to know how deep Mitchell’s Bahamian pedigree does go. I am told that his father was a gentleman and his sister is quite lovely, so I guess he gets his racial arrogance from his Ma.”

In fairness to a very fine lady, we must correct this assumption. Mrs. Mitchell was a senior public servant in the Ministry of Welfare. She was the secretary of the late Eugene Dupuch, QC, Minister of Welfare, who constantly sang her praises. According to him there was nothing like the capable, efficient, charming Mrs. Mitchell. Former prime minister Hubert Ingraham, who was later Minister of Welfare, also sings her praises.

So whatever our reader thinks of Mr. Mitchell, don’t blame it on his mother. She was a fair-minded, decent lady.

We hold no brief for Mr. Mitchell.