Trump Makes An Ass Of Himself At The UN

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The language of the US President Donald Trump at the United Nations was objectionable in the extreme.  He is in a war of words with the President of North Korea.  The President of North Korea is in a category all of his own.  He appears to be a murderer, a paranoid, a man with a Napoleonic complex, it is hard to say what about him.  We are careful though to add that the President of the United States should not be in that category at all.   After his address at the United Nations on Tuesday 19 September, Mr. Trump must now put himself in that category.  We hasten to add that this is not the case of the United States.  People make a distinction now between the outrageous words and personal conduct of the President of the United States, because we know that the people of the United States are better than what he portrays.  He can say what he likes but the leader of a nation that has the capacity to kill the world off in its entirety but is supposed to have the moral standing not to do so cannot go around saying in a public forum that he will destroy North Korea.  That means   if Mr. Trump is to be taken at his word, he is willing because of the leader of North Korea to kill the 20 million or so people who live in North Korea.  This man obviously does not think before he says such stupid things. The icing on the cake is this for us: when after Mr. Trump’s speech, the only national leader who says “you did good” was Bibi Netanyahu of Israel, then you know you’re in trouble