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File photo of Vanny Adderley at the PLP Long Island Branch meeting in July 2018 in Simms, Long Island. He is at the back third from the right.

Vanny Adderley in 2019 serving the PLP Men’s Branch at his Restaurant in Long Island called Swamp Thing.

File photo of Vandyke Adderley known as Vanny

The Princess Margaret Hospital and the Rand Memorial Hospitals have been developing a reputation as killing fields. You go in and like the Hotel California  you check in any time you like, you can never leave. This was the lament of the PLP’s Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell for the late Vandyke Adderley of Long Island whom we all knew as Vanny. May he rest in peace.  The Chairman’s statement:

Statement From Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party

On The Death of Vandyke “Vanny Adderley” of Long Island

For Immediate Release

7 September 2020

I learned today of the death of my good friend and strong supporter Vandyke Adderley of Long Island. I am truly saddened by his death.

People often ask why does the PLP continue to work the ground in Long Island. I say because they are Bahamians and because our supporters there in the face of hostile energy stand firm. The PLPs who are PLP in Long Island are among the more resolute PLPs that I have ever met.

Vanny as he was affectionately called was strong in the cause. He was one of the main supporters of our visits to Long Island to honour the late Sir Henry Taylor.

Sadly he has left us in a story at our local health care facility that is becoming all to familiar. In circumstances where proper care might have avoided this unfortunate demise.

I will always remember those breakfasts at your restaurant the Swamp Thing and the wonderful food by his wife. Our thoughts go out to her and the wider family and our PLP community in Long Island.

Our Leader Philip Davis joins me in these expressions.

Sleep on my friend. We will meet you on the morning.