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Mrs. Anne Marie Davis, wife of the Prime Minister and Patricia Minnis, wife of the Leader of the Opposition unite to stop violence against women 15 November 2021

In the past month, The Bahamas recorded two horrific images of violence against women.  It is an unfortunate marker for the women’s movement and their 16 day campaign, part of an international campaign of 16 days to campaign against violence against women.  The observances will end on 10 December International Human Rights Day.  In The Bahamas, 4 year old Bella Walker was bludgeoned to death it is alleged by her mother’s boyfriend.  Then there were horrific images of a man stabbing his girlfriend and later running over her with his car, all recorded on video. Friday 19 November 2021 was International Men’s Day.  It was a fitting day for the women to join the men to call for an end to violence against women, in fact against all forms of violence. The wife of the Prime Minister Ann Marie Davis has been engaged in leading the campaign and joined the men for the observances.