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So there is a case now before the Supreme Court Justice Cheryl Grant Bethel Thompson about the Government’s move to remove squatters from the land in Abaco and other places in The Bahamas. Of course coming to the rescue is the legal eagle from Freeport who makes money and a habit of winning administrative law cases against the Government of the FNM and even the PLP, because the Government never seems to be prepared. The Government’s position is simply to capitulate. Then they pronounce that Fred Smith Q C is a genius.  He is not.  He is simply adept at winning against a Government that never puts up a fight. So here he is again before the courts, we will see whether or not the Government is prepared as the FNM likes to say to take the hard decisions. The press reported that Fred Smith started off with this wacky irresponsible talk about the Government wanting ethnic cleansing in The Bahamas. Mr. Smith’s rhetoric is that of a jackass and  we have long said that his citizenship of The Bahamas should be revoked and he ought to be put out of this country. Yet he continues to behave in a manner which is contrary to the interests of The Bahamas and seems to get away with it.