Warrant Of Arrest For Krissy Love… Omar Archer Convicted

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On 20 September, Omar Archer, the political mental case, was convicted and sentenced to 21 days in prison by a Supreme Court judge for contemptuous remarks he previously made about the legal proceedings against former Cabinet minister Shane Gibson.
However, Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson suspended the sentence for 21 days on the condition that Archer donate $15,000 to the Cancer Society of the Bahamas in Centreville and another $6,000 to the Bahamas Red Cross on John F Kennedy Drive.

Mr. Archer must also provide six months of community service at the Eloise Penn Ward at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre.

Additionally, Mr. Archer must also “wholly withdraw” the statements he made on social media, and make a public apology in “clear” terms by the same medium. He must also request that a copy of his apology be printed on the front pages of The Tribune, The Nassau Guardian as well as The Punch.

Mr. Archer must then provide to the court by close of business on 18 October proof that he made the donations and apologies.

Mr. Archer was represented by Fred Smith Q C

Krissy Love aka Christina Thompson did not show up and the Court said no reasonable excuse was provided for her non-appearance. A warrant of arrest was issued. Her lawyer Murio Ducille said that there was a constitutional motion in front of her on the matter and that the Judge Cheryl Thompson should recuse herself. The Judge refused and set the hearing date for the matter.

We think that this is a first step at trying to bring some order back to the public discourse. Both Mr. Archer and Ms. Thompson should be imprisoned for long prison sentences.

Ms. Thompson’s response was a stream of cursing and invective on line, aimed at her relatives and the politicians that she supported. There were so many F words it was hard to count them in her response. She is surely headed to jail and so she should be.