We Thought Adrian Gibson Was Dead

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Hurricanes cause the dead to rise.  That is what we thought when Adrian Gibson MP, whom everyone had forgotten, actually has a  government post in that he is the Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, issued a statement telling people that someone was issuing falsehoods and lies about the Corporation that water was going to be shut off during the  storm.  Lies, he said. The persons who were spreading it were being malicious and causing trouble.  How life changes.  This was the same fellow spreading, malicious falsehoods about Fred Mitchell and dancing to the foolish tunes of Fred Smith, his boss last year and earlier this year, desperate to get elected to the House.  The lies worked. So it was clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black.  Anyway it was good for a laugh. By the way, when the hell are you gonna get an airport for Deadman’s Cay.  Your folk are in power now.  Thirty five seats. No airport in Deadman’s Cay for at least three years huh? They elected you though.  See falsehoods work.