Wells Like Greenhorn Overwhelmed By Being At The U N

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If this weren’t so serious, you have to laugh.  The Minister of Transport Renward Wells overwhelmed by going to the United Nations.  No wonder we are getting duped into buying a dead hotel for 65 million dollars.  We have these people who ain’t used to nothing in power. Proof! See what he wrote on his Facebook page.  How embarrassing.

Renward Wells

September 26 at 10:49 AM

As I sat in the General Assembly Hall yesterday at the United Nations, amongst the Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers of 200 countries, my soul was overwhelm with praise for my God. My whole heart cried in my inner most man, Great are you Lord and worthy to be praise. From everlasting to everlasting you are God and there is NONE beside you. I praise you and only you, Yaweh Elohim, my God, the God of my fathers, the only wise God who has allowed your servant to serve you and the people I love, the Bahamian people at the Highest level of Global leadership. You have brought me from the rocky shoals of Deadmans Cay, long Island and Driggs Hill, South Andros from obscurity to the Parliament and Cabinet of The Bahamas. Adonai Tzva’ot, there is none like you.