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Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry, and Immigration Brent Symonette addresses questions from the media outside the Churchill Building.

Brent Symonette is insensitive to the racial history of The Bahamas. He is clueless about his family’s role in supporting the racism that sustained their way of life during the first 60 years of the 20th century and now even into this century.  Brent Symonette went to St Andrew’s School, a school that was racially segregated up until 1968 when it admitted its first Black student under threat of losing its government subsidy.

When Sir Durward Knowles, another white Bahamian, apologized to Black people for the way White Bahamians treated them in this country prior to majority rule, and Brent Symonette was asked about whether he agreed with the apology, he demurred.  According to him, we should simply move on.

So that arrogance of his history, that racism of his history was on full display to see when the Uncle Toms who run the Government of The Bahamas one by one lined up kissing his butt as they fawned over him and fell over themselves to support what some of their own members called a corrupt deal.  The deal to rent the Town Centre Mall, a run down and derelict building at millions of dollars, which mall is owned by Brent Symonette, a Minister in the Minnis Cabinet, and his brother Craig and one share to his wife Robyn. Mrs. Symonette sat in the gallery of the House on Wednesday 24 th October as the debate raged on.


The Government proposes to move the post office there.  It is moving the post office there because the state of the health of the postal workers is at stake in the existing building.  They are moving it there with the threat of 13 million dollars in payouts to Scot Godet the owner of the Independence Shopping Centre who made a deal with the last Government.

According to the press when Philip Davis, Leader of the Opposition, challenged the Government as to the legal propriety of what they were proposing to do,  Mr. Symonette got up and said to the House that yes he was the owner and he was declaring his interest as provided in law. So there, he said, and whatever the House wants to do, they should do. Brent sat down and stayed there in silence, abstaining on the vote. Then the “boys” who apparently work for him in the FNM went to work giving him what he demanded.

The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis claimed that he was doing the right thing, after the stinging attack on the move by his own backbenchers.  The most disgusting suck up job was by the Ft. Charlotte MP Mark Humes.  But he comes by it honestly having been raised in a home that saw the UBP leaders as Gods.  He could not help himself.

So, the House of Assembly passed the resolution to give Brent Symonette what he wanted and thereby saving his Town Centre Mall from destruction.  He now has a tenant.  He now gets to fix up his building.  He now gets to enhance his wealth even more.  The people who they say this is intended to help, well no one is quite sure whether the building meets the standards.

The Public Services Union who represents the workers capitulated as well.  They claimed that they were staying out of politics.  That is the sure sign of someone who has a weak position. Just trying to pander to the crowd, the ruling crowd.

We are ashamed that his Government represents us.

Watching Brent Symonette that day was like watching “Massa” at work. He cracked the whip and the boys got to working.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 27th October 2018 up to midnight:  211,670

Number of hits for the month of October 2018 up to Saturday 27th October 2018 up to midnight: 670,970

Number of hits for the year 2018 up to Saturday 27th October 2018 up to midnight: 10,957,634