What Do You Mean Where The VAT Money Went?

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We have to confess that we think that the FNM harping on this stuff about where the VAT money went is the most stupid and idle debate of the political season so far.  One guesses it will only get worse.  What do they mean where it went?  Everyone is getting their knickers in a twist because the journalistic vixen from hell Candia Dames did a bum and savage job of manhandling (pun intended) Michael Halkitas when he appeared on the show of Juan McCartney.  The two of them ambushed the Minister.  He stuck by his guns but she thinks that she is on to something. She is not.  She is not the brightest bulb in the firmament.  Here is where the VAT money went Hubert Minnis, it went to pay your salary as Leader of the Opposition, the new SUV you wanted and got and to pay the MPS who went to the Governor General to remove you.  SMT.  What a stupid question.