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There will be a short sharp shock of  campaign. This has been a long goodbye. The PLP has been calling for the general election ever since the Prime Minister at Christmas time sent out rumours that he intended to call an election just after lent of this year. He has been playing with things for months and finally rang the bell on Thursday 19 August 2021 trying to play on the sympathy of disgruntled FNMs who he thought would remember that infamous date when they were first elected to office.  The islands are now covered in posters from both sides.  The FNM has an aggressive nasty campaign against Philip Brave Davis.  The PLP is focused on the issues.  Right now though we believe that people want to know how are we going to solve this crisis that we are in, not listening to nonsense and lies about Philip Davis put out by a criminal enterprise that occupies the Government called the FNM.