What The FNM Think About Each Other

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“ Cannot lead,” says FNM Source

The Tribune carried a story in which an unnamed individual who sounded very much like MP Richard Lightbourn gave some scorching statements about the former Senator Lanisha Rolle, now a  midnight wonder, having crashed and burned as a public figure within months of her appointment.   The comments in the press suggest deep animosity and divisions within the FNM.  Here they are in their own words:

13 May

One insider said: “Who does she think she is? Brokering deals, informing people that they won’t be afforded party nominations and divulging the alleged mindset of the leader? She must be made to step down from the Senate and not even be among the options for the Free National Movement as the party focuses on winning the 2017 election. Something must be done.”

Another source told this newspaper: “One does have to question whether there is any truth to her supposed claims. Apparently she has said Dr. Minnis has intentionally held off on ratifying MPs. Not one single MP has been ratified, it doesn’t augur well.”

 “There are many of us in the party who still cannot figure out why she was even appointed to the Senate in the first place,” another insider said.

 “If the leader does not see now more than ever that he should remove her, considering she was just in the spotlight a few months ago speaking of the Long Island MP and the other parliamentarians, then Dr. Minnis should go too. He has poor judgment and cannot lead.”