What The FNM Thinks Of Each Other Part 2

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sildenafil times;”>Description: FNM chairman Sidney Collie. 

Sidney Collie FNM Chair
20 May 2016 

The Tribune reported that an irate party insider lambasted the current leadership regime, saying that Dr. Minnis’ fear of losing at the convention has forced him to use “stupid strategies” that will ultimately doom the FNM:  

 “This is a calculated and insidious conspiracy by Minnis and his lapdog Sidney Collie. What they are attempting to do is elect association slates that will yield to the directive of them.

 “This leadership wants to end all form of challenges prior to the convention because they are afraid,” the insider noted.

 “What they did in Fort Charlotte tonight is something they have done in other constituencies. They want to make sure that their people are in place, their candidates are supported; this regime wants to make sure that Minnis has no issues.

 “Effectively, there are two factions and (Collie) is working to make sure that Minnis has his way. They are manipulating the vote to make sure of that. This isn’t democracy. This is a tragedy. This is horrendous.”

“Why have we gotten at least more than three different versions of what the rules are,” questioned one association member. “After complying with all stipulations, sir, can you tell us why those members are being unfairly and unconstitutionally disfranchised and not eligible to vote? For a new chairman this disorganisation, indecisiveness does not inspire confidence.

 “Everyone who has signed up and became financial in order to participate in the election process should be empowered to do so. Just like the last time, they are playing by the rules. It has been a longstanding tradition in the FNM Fort Charlotte Constituency Association that we give everyone the best opportunity to become financial. Your unreasonable cutoff date makes it appear that you are intentionally trying to disfranchise the people.”