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If you didn’t know any better, you would swear that Dr. Duane Sands was born to great wealth and privilege.  He was born to the son of parents from modest beginnings who went on to do well but should have grounded their son into the fact that their father came from Lyon Road in Freetown.  So, Dr. Duane Sands should know what poor people have to go through.  He is a heart surgeon, but he does not have a heart; he is heartless. He hates poor people.  Dr. Death is his new nickname.  Last week he was at it again telling he PLP that it must sit small and shut up.  This is because the PLP complained about the state of the hospital and the lies he told about why the healthcare system is in the shape that it’s in.  No doubt the tough language was to demonstrate his street cred.  Then he made the incredible announcement that since he can’t find the money to pay for healthcare, the people who are on dialysis will have to get not the three hours they need but only two hours. Bottom line: poor people are sentenced to death by Dr. Duane Sands. Then he got up in the house again and tried to justify why they are putting poor people out on the streets who didn’t pay their mortgage with the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation.  This is the poor man’s enemy Dr. Duane Sands.  How sad.  Dr. Death indeed.  This bad reputation of his led the PLP’s Ricardo Smith to demonstrate against him on Wednesday 3rd October.