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There is a lot of propaganda going on and it is inspired by the Free National Movement in their quest to destroy the PLP. The latest salvo in that campaign is again to attack the weak minded PLPs still reeling from last year’s defeat in the general election.  The FNM has mastered this stuff, using The Punch and social media to parrot the nonsense.  PLPs do a good job of spreading it around.  Here’s the narrative: the FNM four who were dismissed will put together a grand coalition and add one more, a disgruntled PLP MP. Together, the rumour says, they will make five in the House and then they will go to the Governor General and make Frederick McAlpine their leader and Leader of the Opposition.  Well in a world where a carpenter got resurrected, one supposes that anything is possible but how likely is that.  Let’s look at the evidence. The trend in the country is toward the PLP, so why would Picewell Forbes on whom they speculate take that course when he is going to be part of a Government in four years or less. He is likely to be a minister and a major player.  Doesn’t make sense on the face of it.  Then there are the others: Mr. McAlpine, Vaughn Miller, Reece Chipman and Travis Robison. The three of them have said they still support the FNM.  Mr. Robinson seems to be waffling with the idea of being an independent but there is no future in that either.  So that’s the logical case against it happening and it means the probability of the propaganda being true is very slight.  But that does not stop the rumour mill from generating one nonsensical story after the next.  The main thing it is doing is working on the nerves of PLPs which is what it is designed to do, to sap the will to rebuild that which is going on.  We think that all PLPs should take a deep breath though and get a grip.  These rebel FNMs have no future in politics unless they make peace with their own party or join the PLP.  In either case, they will have to conform to the rules of the party in which they are: FNM or PLP.