Kelly Burrows is pretty peeved about how MPs dress in the House of Assembly

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Dear  Editor.

“A letter to the speaker!!!”


Sir. I find it incumbent to appeal to you to please bring back some decorum of respect to the Honourable House Of Assembly.

Observing what is happening today is unheard of in past years under former Speakers. The standards as we once knew

It to be have been thrown out the door. The dress attire is number 1, that need to be addressed, you Sir, is in charge of that

August body, and some propriety of appropriateness needs to be brought back. How is

It that on the 18th/06/2018 the member for Pinewood  Reuben Rahming had, and was allowed to be dressed so inappropriately in a Tan Suit with his Hat on the table? Is he from the wild, wild west? Or just ignorant to proper attire? Which is Dark colours, you watch the US Congress or the British Parliament, you would never see them in a Tan or light coloured suit, never!!!

Also these “Honourable Men” are there to do the people’s business, but, you observed them on their phones, paying no attention

Throughout  the proceedings, as a Bahamian I’m embarrassed watching the House Meetings. Sir, you are the gate keeper, try bringing

Some respectability to this ancient Honourable place, these are a few issues. Mr. Speaker that come under your purview, and needs to be addressed.

Thank you for your attention, and looking forward to order and proper decorum!!!



Kelly D Burrows

Freeport Grand Bahama